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Our Vision

Now in its 26th year, Japan Wine Challenge's key focus continues to be the development of consumer/wine lover awareness and understanding of wines, resulting in on-going increase in sales of quality wines in this very demanding market.
Once the competition is finished each year, we focus all our attention on getting the results out in timely manner, both on the website and through our E-magazine, and to working with entrants worldwide through our medal seals and related promotions to develop demand for their wines in Japan and around the world.

The 25th Japan Wine Challenge 2022 was held at the Daiichi Hotel Rhogoku from 2nd to 5th November 2022.  A total of over 1,200 wines from across the world were entered.  These were judged by a panel of over 30 top wine professionals from Japan and internationally.  We have welcomed as a Chairmen Katsuyuki Tanaka, the leading wine professional in Japan, as well as their counterparts from across the spectrum of Japan's wine trade and media.

A total of 13 wines received the coveted Trophy award, 18 Platinum Gold medals and 100 wines received Gold medals,  260 received Silver medals, and 533 received Bronze medals.  In addition to recognising absolute quality, special Trophy Awards were made for Best Value Wine, Best Discovery Wine and Best Wine from organically grown grapes.

In addition to the awards won by individual wines, we have the following awards: 

JWC Award for No. 1 Best Value Wines
Awarded to wines which have reached the Best Value Standard in each price bracket: Wines up to 1,000 yen, Wines from 1,000 yen to 1,999 yen, Wines from 2,000 yent to 2,999 yen, Wines from 3,000 yen to 4,999 yen, and Wines above 5,000 yen.

Japan Wine Challenge Awards
These Awards are for Best Wines of particular countries. For a country to have an Award, the best wines must have received a Silver Medal or better.

Riedel Japan Wine Challenge Award for Best Wine Importer
Awarded to the Importer whose wines entered have achieved the highest overall score.

Best Discovery Award
Awarded to the wine not currently represented in Japan which in the opinion of the judges has the best potential in the Japan market.


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