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AP Signature Series Cabernet Franc Icewine 2013

Peller Estates Winiery

2015 Gold

Each winter frozen grapes are harvested when they reach 40 Degrees Brix, by hand in the middle of a winter night at temperatures of below -10°C. Peller Estates Winemaker Katie Dickieson is overjoyed with the recent plethora of awards at the Japan Wine Challenge, commenting: “We are delighted to have our wines so widely recognized and although Canadian Icewine is highly sought after in Japan it is the the intricate way it is produced remains a mystery to many who enjoy drinking it. These awards will help to bring awareness to our Icewine to wine lovers across the globe. We strive to change the perception that Icewine are for dessert only as it is often served alongside cheese courses, savoury dishes and is a classic pairing with foie gras. We hope that these awards will encourage sommeliers and consumers in Japan to experiment with enjoying Icewine. <<>>

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