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Barrique Chardonnay 2013

Takahata Wine

2015 Trophy for Best Japanese White Wine / 2015 Gold

We are very honoured to be awarded the Trophy for Best Japanese White Wine at the Japan Wine Challenge 2015, which Masters of Wine and international/local wine professionals participate as judges. Takahata Wine is one of the largest companies in Japan to produce Chardonnay and we are committed to "Century- Long Dream": to make the wine that can be ranked with the highest quality wine in the world even it takes 100 years. Receiving such award was a break through for our grape growers, winery staff , and the city of Takahata, Yamagata that entrusted the name of "TAKAHATA" on the label. We all are very confident with ourselves to get closer to the "Century-Long Dream." We will keep working hard to further build on "TAKAHATA" wines in the evolving market. We hope that the Japan Wine Challenge to further develop itself as this is the competition that can keep contributing to high quality Japanee wine market. <<>>

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