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Le Brume - Langhe DOC 2009

Tenute Stefano Farina Srl

2013 Gold

In the 1930s when Stefano Farina began to get involved in the process of making wine. Presently, the commercial activity of the business can boast a number of wine cellars and vineyards in the most prestigious areas of wine production: Piedmont and Tuscany. All of the trading activities are carried out in the modern site in Albavilla, in the province of Como.There is also a commercial and administrative office at the site of production in both Piedmont and Tuscany. Here the wine is carefully packaged and stored at an ideal and constant temperature, ready to be shipped all over the world. Winery Tenuta San Chirico, Piedmont LANGHE LE BRUME The vineyards look south-westwards and are in the heart of the renowned D.O.C. Dolcetto area. Dolcetto is not the only wine produced at ‘San Quirico’: the Barbera d’Alba is another great wine, achieved through the local traditional wine-making process. This is carried out by qualified personnel in tune with the natural world of rurality. <<>>

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