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Matusalem VORS

Gonzalez Byass

2015 Gold

González Byass is a family winery, founded in 1835, dedicated to making fine Sherries and brandies in Jerez, Spain. Well-known brands such as Tío Pepe Fino Sherry or Lepanto Brandy de Jerez, or vinous jewels like Matusalem or Apostoles have made González Byass one of Spainʼs most recognized wine brands worldwide. Father of Winemaker/Master Blender Antonio Flores was the Production Director of the company for over fi fty years. Having graduated from a university, Antonio returned to his native Jerez to join the González Byass technical team in 1980. H e is a specialist in the oxidative and non-oxidative ageing of Sherries with a particular expertise in the development of the fl or and it's chemical reactions with the Sherry. <<>>

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