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Taylors The Visionary Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Taylors Wines

2013 Gold

We are very proud of our success at the Japanese Wine Challenge which we rate as one of the top 5 wine shows on earth. We are also very pleased that our new wine, which is being formally released this year achieved a gold medal in this year’s Japanese Wine Challenge. Our story goes back about 44 years now and is about a families love and pursuit of excellence in Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Through our journey, contacts like the Institute of Masters of Wine and through exposure to some of the great wines of Bordeaux we are starting to understand that great Cabernet Sauvignon is about restraint, delicacy and subtlety. Often in wine events such traits can get overlooked so we are especially happy that your judges found our best wine and honoured us with this recognition of gold medal status. In many ways our Journey into the excellence of Cabernet Sauvignon has a long way to run, as we are always seeking to learn and improve. As such we look forward to entering your event in the future and thank you for running a wonderful competition. <<>>

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