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Bodegas MITOS

Contact Name

Ms. Beatriz Alacreu




+34 962300703



I am from Bodegas Mitos S.A., one of the most modern and equipped wineries in Spain. We would like you to consider a collaboration in the distribution of our wines.
MITOSwines are produced by our modernized winery, Bodegas MITOS S.A., in Requena (Valencia, SPAIN), from selected grapes pertaining to the PDO Utiel-Requena or PDO Valencia.
Thanks to our advanced technology and strict process control, the wines result into rich flavor, agreeable taste, and unique characters. All wines have been awarded several international medals and high ratings.

Our production capacity is 4 million bottles per year, and we can make all kind of formats or adapt to any type of requirements. At Bodegas Mitos we invest heavily in research and development, which is why our products have an unbeatable price/quality ratio.

Please let me know if you need any further information, and how you prefer to proceed.

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