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Champagne Vrain-Augé

Contact Name

Midori Pederson


Export selling






~Taste of passion and love towards grapes, champagnes, and the village, Courmas~

We are a family-owned RM Champagne producer.
Our story dates back to 1895 when Georges Augé started growing grapes in the small peaceful village called Courmas.

Passing down more than seven generations to this day, “Champagne Vrain-Augé,” fully expresses the terroir of Courmas, was established.

Vrain-Augé committed to expressing wonderful terroir by
1. Using as few pesticides and herbicides as possible.
2. Pressing groups right after cultivation in the pressing center next to the vineyard

We are currently working on exporting our champagne to Japan.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

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