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Please complete the Wine Form carefully - all the information provided will be used for all subsequent trophies, certificates, and JWC Wine Magazine.

*Please note that no automated message will be sent. If you wish to double check your Wine Form please contact us.

Wine Form in Excel format can be downloaded from here:
JWC2024_Wine Form.xls

Wine Colour
Wine Style
Farming Method

(If Organic or Biodynamic please enclose copy of certificate)

Bottle Size (ml)
Type of Closure
Champagne & Sparkling


Number of bottles produced over2,400? (Sweet wine over 600 bottles)
Available in Japan?


*Required for JWC Best Value Competition

Country Available

Retail Selling Price of the Above Country

Select File
Select File

Thank you for completing your Wine Form!


If you need to make any changes please contact us at

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