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Asia's oldest and most prestigious wine competition | Japan Wine Challenge

Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Can I create promotional materials using the medal data that can be downloaded free of charge on the  JWC website?

Also, are there any procedures required to create promotional materials?

A. If you do not change the medal data (enlargement/reduction is OK), there is no problem and no procedure is required.

In addition, if you send us promotional materials or bottle shots with medal data, we may introduce them on the JWC website/SNS.

Q. Would only 750ml bottles accepted?

A. There is no restrictions on the bottle size.

Tetra Pak and canned products are accepted regardless of their size.

Q. Wine is bottled but the label is not yet completed. 

A. Label can be handwritten. 

Please write clearly on a label sticker the winery name, wine name, and vintage and attach it on each of wine bottle.   Please do not forget to register your Wine Form (either by online form or excel form).

Q. Suggested retail price

A. Please register the price without tax.

Q. I wish to make change(s) on the Entry Form and/or Wine Form

A. Once the forms are submitted online no changes can be made.  

Please contact us and let us know the changes at

Q. I also entered the Fuji Cider Challenge.

A. Entry fee payment can be made together with JWC.  Please mention your JWC Entry Number on the remittance details.

In addition, wine and cider can be shipped together so please use the JWC Outer Carton Label.

Q. I need VAT number on the invoice.

A. Please let us know at upon your entry.

Q. Would Alcohol-free wines accepted?

A. Yes.

Alcohol-free/Non-alcoholic wines are welcomed to enter.  Please just mention it upon registration.

Q. Where can I find the Wine Form?

A. Please download the Excel form from here: Wine Form

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