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Judging: Thursday 29th August

Venue: Daiichi Hotel Ryogoku

Judges: Christ Martin, Katsuyuki Tanaka, Eduardo Dingler, Aiko Yazawa, Tsuyoshi Takemura and top alcoholic beverage professionals from Japan and internationally.


Entry Deadline:  Friday 16th August (Extended!)

Please register through the Entry Form below and email us the Cider Form (Excel)at

Entry Fee: 1-5 ciders: 31,000 yen (or €250/$280)/ more than 6 ciders: 21,000 yen (or €180/$200)

SPECIAL OFFER: Enter 4 ciders and get 1 additional free entry  


Sample Submission: Equivalent of 6 x 330-375 ml bottles (or 4 x 500 ml or 4 x 750 ml) per Cider

Deliveries will be accepted by Friday 23rd August.

Delivery Address:

Shinko Kairiku Transportation
Oi Branch Warehouse
Fuji Cider Challenge 2024
2-2-9 Yashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0003
Tel. +81.3.5825.9177

Results Announcement: Friday 20th October on "Results" section

Digital Certificates: Will be sent to the email address around December-January


Benefits of Fuji Cider Challenge Awards:

*  Free-to-download medal data online

*   Results announced on website, to our 10,000+ database including Embassies, media, importers, and leading sales outlets etc.





Please send ciders via courier before Friday 23rd August to our warehouse:


Shinko Kairiku Transportation

Oi Branch Warehouse

Fuji Cider Challenge 2024

2-2-9 Yashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0003

Tel. +81.3.5825.9177

Please inform us the Estimated Date of Delivery when sending out your cider samples.  Without the notice the delivery will not be accepted.


* Please kindly put the Outer Carton Label on the outside of all wine boxes. 

* If you have a local distributor / agent, you may wish to arrange with them to deliver the wines ex-Japan stock (remember to complete the form stating you have done this) by forwarding your Outer Carton Label or asking your agent to get in contact with the Japan Wine Challenge. 

* Please also mark on each case of wine "Samples - No commercial value". 


* All duty, carriage, clearance, storage charges and taxes payable on wines must be pre-paid for by the Submitter. Failure to pay these duties will result in your wines not being entered.  

* Please complete the courier documentation carefully, remembering to agree on DDP term - tick the appropriate duty and prepaid freight charges .

Entry Form


 - For 2024 competition -

Please submit your Entry Form by Friday 16th August.

Type of Company 会社種別

Thank you for your entry to the Fuji Cider Challenge 2024!

Now please complete your Cider Form and send to

Thank you.






Cider Form


Please download the Cider Form here and send it to

by Friday16th August.

Thank you.


The 7th Fuji Cider Challenge was held on Saturday 30th September 2023 at Daiichi Hotel Ryogoku.

A total of over 50 ciders were entered and judged by a panel of leading cider/wine professionals from Japan and international.

2 Trophy medals were awarded, 5 Gold medals, 10 Silver medals, and 20 Bronze medals.
This reflects the outstanding quality of the ciders entered.

The Trophy Awards Ceremony for the Fuji Cider Challenge 2023 will take place on Friday 16th  February 2024 at Conrad Tokyo Hotel.

Click HERE for more details and application form.  

*The Marking System of Fuji Cider Challenge
We adopt a 20 point scale to allocate Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.  
Trophy winning ciders are chosen from the Gold Medal ciders.

- Ciders that receive 18.0 - 20.00 get a Gold Medal
- Ciders that receive 17.0 - 17.5 get a Silver Medal
- Ciders that receive 15.5 - 16.5 get a Bronze Medal

* Please note that wines that are not listed in the results did not receive any award.

* Results for all the entries will be sent to each participant by email along with digital award certificates.

Medal Data Download


AI (Adobe Illustrator) data will be downloaded when you click the medal image.

The FCC award medals remain the property of the Fuji Cider Challenge and any unauthorized reproduction or alteration of medals is strictly prohibited (enlarging/shrinking is fine).
Should any trophy or medal be used for promotional purposes (e.g. on printed material or on TV/radio advertising), the award must be attributed to the Fuji Cider Challenge.  


Official dimension of the medal stickers: W 29mm x H 25mm


If you wish to obtain medal data for Best Value awards please contact us at We will send you the appropriate data.

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