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Japan Wine Challenge 2022 Results

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The 25th Japan Wine Challenge was held from Tuesday 2nd November to Saturday 5th November 2022 at Daiichi Hotel Ryogoku.

A total of over 1,200 wines were entered and judged by a panel of leading wine professionals from Japan and international.  These came from 21 different countries, with the principle entries being from Australia, Austria, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and Japan.


3 Japan Wine Challenge Riedel awards and 18 Trophy medals were awarded, 18 Best Value medals, 14 Platinum medals, 63 Gold medals, 192 Silver medals and 495 Bronze medals.


The Trophy Awards Ceremony for the Japan Wine Challenge 2022 will take place on Friday 17th  February 2023, and Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado will be present. 

Click here for more details and application form.  


* The Marking System of Japan Wine Challenge

We adopt a 20 point scale to allocate Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.   

Trophy winning wines are chosen from the Platinum Gold Medal and Gold Medal wines.


Wines that receive 19.0, 19.5 or 20.0 will receive a Platinum Medal

Wines that receive 18.0 or 18.5 get a Gold Medal

Wines that receive 17.0 or 17.5 get a Silver Medal

Wines that receive 15.5,16.0 or 16.5 get a Bronze Medal


* Please note that wines that are not listed in the results did not receive any award.

* Results for all the entries will be sent to each participant by email along with digital award certificates.

Click here to download the data for medals and bottle neck tag.

Click here to purchase medal stickers.

Japan Wine Challenge 2022   -Trophy Awards-


Japan Wine Challenge 2022   -Platinum Medals-

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2022 Gold

Japan Wine Challenge 2022   -Gold Medals-

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Click here to download the data for medals and bottle neck tag.

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