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to the 6th
Shogun Japan SPIRITS Competition

Dear Spirits lovers,

It is with great pleasure that I am introducing our second Shogun Japan Spirits Competition.
26 years ago we established the Japan Wine Challenge, which has become internationally recognised as one of the leading international wine competitions. 17 years ago we set up (in close corperation with the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers  Association and Japan's leading Sake breweries) the International Sake Challenge. It seems only fitting that we should complete the circle with a competition focussing on Spirits.

Shochu Otsu (like Japan's Sake and Koshu wine) has an ancient history, heritage, and tradition. Indigeneous and unique to Okinawa is Awamori, which traces its roots to the 15th century. Over the last 100 years these have been joined by Japanese whisky, Shochu Koh, and indeed the whole range of newer distilled beverages, based both on international categories such as brandy and gin, and on Japanese innovations such as Chuhai and High-ball mixes. 


As a result, just as in every other sector, Japan has become a true international player in the world Spirits market, with premium Japanese Spirits beverages to be found in the most prestigious bars and restaurants worldwide, and international brands in every liquor outlet from Hokkaido to Okinawa. The Japan Spirits market is one of the most sophisticated, vibrant and rapidly evolving in the world - it is a showcase of excellence for Asia and the world. 


Not surprisingly, over the last many years all the world's top Spirits companies have had a special Japan focus, and the leading Japan Spirits procducers are now household names around the world.

It seems only appropriate that Japan should therefore have its own international Spirits competition, bringing together East and West, and optimising awareness and demand in this key market of the very best Spirits from Japan and worldwide.


We are delighted to have as partners WSET(the world's leading wine and spirits education body), Riedel, and the Conrad Tokyo, as well as the support of all the leading spirits companies.

We look forward to an exciting new chapter in the development of the Japan Spirits market.












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